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Auto Industry Park, Yangzhou,
Jiangsu,China 225000
Tel: 0086 514 85868136   
Fax: 0086 514 8510 8521

About Us

KRB Truck parts, which is located in China, is a company founded in 1999 with the sole purpose of supplying quality Truck Parts to customers in different parts of the world. With more than  17  years experience in the Truck Parts Industry, in the Import & Export business and an excellent customer service in mind, we are already exporting products to customers in different countries.
KRB Truck  supplies many of the fastest-moving parts and components in categories including Powertrain, Transmission, Differential, Chassis, Driveline,  Power Steering, Air Brake Parts and Replacement Parts for Freightliner, International, Kenworth, MACK, Mercedes, Volvo  Trucks.
KRB is located in Yangzhou , China in a 13300 Sq. Meter  offices and warehouse. Our employee staff includes Engineers, Customs & Freight logistic experts, English speaking  operators and a Customer oriented attitude to make your purchasing experience as fluid as possible.
As a diversified company, KRB’s goal is to offer our customers a variety of products and services with an added value to the traditional buy & sell experience:
- A wide range  of Truck parts as shown in our Line Card.
- Flexibility to mix and match parts to fill a container.
- Assurance that our customers will get Quality parts 99.99% of the time according to specifications.
- Private Labeling including different  types of packaging.
- Boxing according to customer’s specifications
- Local contact in the USA and English speaking personnel in China for ease of communication.
- Follow up of your order from the moment it is received to the time it reaches port.
- A financially strong company, bonded and insured to meet any occurrence with our products.
Purchasing from a foreign country can become an uncertainty, we at KRB have the experience and knowledge to  make sure buying Truck parts from China will be as smooth as possible and you will know  we are you 99.99% of the way; from supplying samples or develop new parts  to make sure you get the correct parts delivered on time all the time.
To know more about KRB please visit us at  
KRB China  
Auto Industry Park, Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China 225000                                                                                                                           
TEL: 0086 514 85868136
Mobile: 0086 13801458291


Auto Industry Park,Yangzhgou,Jianhgsu,China 225000

Tel:0086 514 85868136

Fax:0086 514 8510 8521

Webpage:Yangzhou KRB Autoparts Co.,ltd

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