Why buy from us

Why buy from us

Your Parts Partner in China:
KRB has over 15  years experience selling and exporting quality truck parts made in China. We offer a trust worthy channel for our customers to take the risk and uncertainty out of buying products from our country. From a crate to container loads, we are here to make sure you get what you ordered on time 100% of the time

We only sell  products manufactured to OEM standards and ISO-9000 quality controls, we do not like problems neither do you, by selling OEM quality products we eliminate claims .  You can be sure you products will perform the way they were designed to.

KRB offers a wide selection of truck parts for different applications which makes us an excellent option for companies looking to buy from China. You do not have to buy container loads of just one type of product, this way you have the option of combining different items to better manage your inventories.

At KRB, we have built our company with a Customer Oriented attitude, from local representatives in the USA, to English speaking personnel at our headquarters in China. We want you to know we are behind you all the way allowing us to build a long term relationship.

Added Value:
From Private labeling to Custom Packaging or specific boxing of your order, we always make the extra effort to make sure our customers get the best value for their money. Try us, you won’t be surprised because that is what you expect from us! that is part of our commitment.

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